Hot Young Adult novels to look for in 2013


Ivy in the Shadows

By Chris Woodworth

Musician step father leaves the family after cheating on her mom. So a boarder named Caleb comes to live with 12-year-old Ivy, her brother and mother. Caleb’s parents are missionaries. The stories he tells at school makes Ivy think they are all lies. He is worshiped by her five-year-old brother, JJ. As Ivy peeks from the shadows, she shocked at what is unveiled.

Confessions of an Angry Girl

By Louise Rozett

Immersed in the mystery of high school, this story reveals the pain of summer when 14 year-old Rosie’s dad dies in Iraq. She has to learn to live in a world that deals with crushes and that it is okay to not have a cell phone.

The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larson

By Susan Nielsen

A Vancouver writer opens the story of 13-year-old Henry as he is taken to a therapist to deal with his emotions. The psychologist urges him to write in a notebook. What he pens surprises himself.

Sparrow Road

By Sheila O Connor

“This summer Raine will have to learn to expect the unexpected.”

12-year-old Raine O’Rourke is forced to join her mother at her new job for the summer. Many hours are spent away from home to work at a mansion that houses an eccentric group of artists. Her mother is the cook and house keeper. While the daytime silence rule is in effect, Raine explores the estate wondering why they had to come here. A secret changes her world forever.


Harsh reminder

me and my mom
My hand reaches for my phone. I wonder how I could’ve handled the situation with my daughters better. I need to find out how I was to my sister when I was younger.
I scroll through my smartphone to find the number. It is there. I’m about to call when my heart starts to pound so loud I think my neighbors can hear it.
I put my phone down and try to calm my shaking hands. The pain shoot through my heart and thrashes my soul. It has been four years since my foster mom died. Judy saved me when I needed someone. For years she and my mom maintained a strong friendship through university and beyond. When my mom became pregnant with me it was obvious who would be my godmom.
Judy and I had our weekly date for many years. I believed the fairy godmother from Cinderella was made because of her then my mom died. Nannies and the stepmom came into my life as she faded into the background. Six years later, after an extreme fight with my dad, I made a call to Judy. It was my cry for help, and she answered. She recommended I should go through the foster system so she can be registered to be my foster mom. That way she could get money to support me.
It felt like my life and, my childhood, began again after a long blackout. As I grew older, got married and became a mom she remained an important part my life. She was my shoulder and gave me advice. In this moment, I needed her. I forgot. She is gone. I will never forget her nor will her grandchildren.
If you have a special mom or mother figure in your life, phone her or contact her today. You never know when it will be the last. I would like to forget how she died, so I will focus on how she lived.

Home alone and being domestic.

I run through house and take the stairs two by two. Dropping my purse on the kitchen table, I turn to the the kitchen sink.
I load the sink to wash the lunch dishes. As it fills, I run back down the stairs to the laundry room to switch a load from washer to dryer.
I wash and rinse the dishes in a flurry and place to dry. My thoughts run everywhere as I stare out the window. I see a mom crossing the street with her child in a stroller.
I am flooded with memories of the past few years. I recall back then when I wondered how I would I feel when both of my girls would be in school. It is been two years since my youngest was in the stroller. I remember that ‘burden’ of trying to get everything done with the kids in tow. It is at that moment I realize how the silence of the house engulfed me.
I laugh. It is the moment that both kids are in school, I dreamt of this moment back in the stroller days, and what do I do? Housework. I swore in the past I would spend the first few quiet hours doing something for me. I put on the kettle to make tea. Once it’s brewed, I head through the kitchen and walk into the living room. I grab the remote and sit down. Putting my feet up, I turn on the TV to watch something for me.


What would you do with a free morning?

Family Day with #IVF4BC


This year is the first year that BC will celebrate Family Day on February 11th. Only, some families are missing key members, children. In a Province that advocates Families First, it might happen for couples who need a little help through treatments in vitro fertilization.
As many as 1 in 5 families are impacted by infertility, and most reasons are due to health issues. Currently, Quebec is the only province to publicly fund IVF. The savings on health care alone is the main reason for BC to look into public funding. Due to the high costs (up to $14,000) for IVF, couples often will have many embryos transferred at one time. Single embryo transfers have been proven to give the best results and better health outcome for mom and baby. When fewer multiple risk births occur, it is better for mom, baby and health care dollars.
Fertility declines as early as 28, an age when women in the workforce are generally not thinking about children. Personally, I was not thinking about making a family with my husband at that age. Nor did I expect that infertility would make me consider remortgaging our home to get IVF treatments like many couples do. It was when I met my girls that I realized how important it is to be their mom. I hope that every mom gets a chance to hold their own baby.
BC is a wonderful place to raise a family. There are so many great adventures to enjoy with your family. Is this the year that BC will get public funding for IVF?
Follow along on Twitter @ivf4bc to learn more and join the conversation. Also, read more about local couple Misty and Kevin’s IVF journey.

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Disclosure: I am a valued member of the #IVF4BC blog team. As such, I received compensation, but my opinion is my own.