Family Day with #IVF4BC


This year is the first year that BC will celebrate Family Day on February 11th. Only, some families are missing key members, children. In a Province that advocates Families First, it might happen for couples who need a little help through treatments in vitro fertilization.
As many as 1 in 5 families are impacted by infertility, and most reasons are due to health issues. Currently, Quebec is the only province to publicly fund IVF. The savings on health care alone is the main reason for BC to look into public funding. Due to the high costs (up to $14,000) for IVF, couples often will have many embryos transferred at one time. Single embryo transfers have been proven to give the best results and better health outcome for mom and baby. When fewer multiple risk births occur, it is better for mom, baby and health care dollars.
Fertility declines as early as 28, an age when women in the workforce are generally not thinking about children. Personally, I was not thinking about making a family with my husband at that age. Nor did I expect that infertility would make me consider remortgaging our home to get IVF treatments like many couples do. It was when I met my girls that I realized how important it is to be their mom. I hope that every mom gets a chance to hold their own baby.
BC is a wonderful place to raise a family. There are so many great adventures to enjoy with your family. Is this the year that BC will get public funding for IVF?
Follow along on Twitter @ivf4bc to learn more and join the conversation. Also, read more about local couple Misty and Kevin’s IVF journey.

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Disclosure: I am a valued member of the #IVF4BC blog team. As such, I received compensation, but my opinion is my own.

4 thoughts on “Family Day with #IVF4BC

  1. Thanks for a fantastic post. I hope that this is the year that BC starts funding IVF. Infertility is becoming way to common and everyone deserves the right to have a family.


  2. I am planning to spend my lonely family day writing letters to my MLA and the Health Minister regarding funding IVF in BC. It is incredibly disheartening to live in a “family first” province that is unwilling to help people who legitimately need safe medical support in order to have children. I sure hope this is the year we can make it happen!


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