Sometimes Your Kids Do Listen

“What are you doing with those books?” my three-year-old daughter asks.

I am kneeling in front of the bookshelf in the corner of my bedroom with a bag of books that I am ready to donate.

“I am all done with these books. It is time to pass them onto other readers.”

She nods with an adult understanding. “Just like the toys when I am ready to give them to another kid.” I smile, then pack my two young daughters up in the car with the bag of books ready to donate at our local library.

I never used to be a giving soul. After a lot of hard knocks in life, I realize now how important for myself to pass on material things when I am all done with them. They are just things to me. They may be a treasure to someone who cannot afford a new book.

As a book reviewer, I do get sent a lot of free books. My shelves in my corner of the house can only hold so much.  All that matters to me is the sentimental things from my loved ones that have moved on. You can’t take it with you.

We step into the cool library and wait our turn in line. My toddler squeals in delight at the toys and books in the children’s section. I place the bag down on the floor to go get my tot who just ran out of my sight. I scoop her up and return to the line.

I find the bag is gone off the floor because my three-year-old has lugged it up to the counter. She stands proud as I overhear her explain how we are all done with these books. It is time for a new family to read them.

The librarian looks down at her.

“Thank you so much for helping us.”  She says with a wink to me.

“You are welcome. I am happy to share. We borrow so much from the library so we need to give back,” my older daughter explains.

My heart sticks in my throat. There are so many days when I do not think she hears me. As I see this moment,  it gives my strength as a mom. She learns by what sees as examples and in turn I learn to keep doing what I am doing as a mom.

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