When Your Support Group Goes Back To Work and You Are Not.

When Your Support Group Goes Back To Work and You Are Not. What does a motherless SAHM do?

After the maternity leave was over, I panicked on what I would do. The decision to stay at home was easy due to what I would take home working outside the house.

So I took it day by day, keeping our calendar busy. We explored story-times at the library. I stopped into a rec center and signed us up for activities for mother and child. I made coffee dates when the weather got colder. We bonded over our love for banana loaf. Afterwards we would play at the kids section at Chapters, and most times there would be a book coming home with us for bedtime story.

Every week I filled our calendar with activities in the morning, home for lunch and quiet time or naps. A routine we both liked.

On the days or nights that loneliness set in, I would go online. Facebooking and emailing my mommy group kept me connected to the outside world.

The beautiful thing about online relationships is that I could log on at any time and talk with people from around the world. Many nights, I would be rocking my baby with one arm and clicking on the computer.

I wish Twitter was around in the early days.  After my second daughter was born, I joined up on Twitter. I have received much needed advice from recipes to parenting from this online community.

Every day is a struggle to balance both daughters’ schedules. Even though being a stay-at-home mom means a limited budget, I am here for my childrens’ every moment. If this is where I am meant to be, I will take it.

One thought on “When Your Support Group Goes Back To Work and You Are Not.

  1. D: This is such a great post. So honest. You are an amazing mother and an inspiration. It is hard work being home with your kids all day. I am glad you have found a way to share that with others.


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