November in a nutshell

The month was of celebrations, heartache and the true online spirit.

My husband and I celebrated 18 years of marriage. The past we used to go out-of-town or a special dinner followed by a cozy evening at home. Then we became parents. Parents without a strong babysitter support. The day was filled with family time, lunch at a local joint and a lot of love threaded through the day. We did end the day with a bottle of champagne. Of course after the kids were in bed. No one thought we would make it this far. We did too. Being married to your best friend is a bonus.

Then our world was rocked with the diagnosis of my younger sister having to make hard decisions about her next fight on cancer. We are devastated. Having said that, we helped her beat cancer once and we will do it again.

 All the while, I took to Twitter. We received accolades on out marriage and an overwhelming wave of support regarding my sister. I would love to name all my Twitter friends but would be terrified if I forgot someone. Just know that you are appreciated. During my many long nights with my teething toddler, Twitter entertained me, embraced me as an equal and allowed me to be me through the good and bad. As we put up the Christmas decorations I am happy and edgy. Next Christmas I turn 38. That is the year my mom only made it too. All this time, I feared that I would not see 39. For a flicker this month I feared my sister wouldn’t. We do not know when our time is up. We just need to let go, embrace the cries and enjoy this second.

 Hope you all are planning wonderful Christmas holidays with your loved ones. Can’t wait to hear them.

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