My Goals and Wishes for 2011

I resolve to not make resolutions. It always sets me up for failure. The only one I kept for 2010 was writing and writing. I have been published several times in amazing sites and publications. This year will be the same great things. However, I wish to make a wish list for fun.

So here it goes:

  1. Cure cancer or help someone do it. Enough hurting good people.
  2. Have Bryan Adams follow me on Twitter. If Ellen can get on an Oprah cover, maybe I can realize this dream.
  3. Develop my dream book and get a publisher.
  4. Not cry when my oldest marches off to full-day kindergarten in September.
  5. To doubly, not cry when my youngest begins 3 year old pre-school in September.
  6. Actually enjoy my 38th birthday instead of wanting to skip the age my mom died.
  7. Make a Me time a priority every day even if it’s going to the bathroom alone.

So, we shall see how many come true. It will be fun trying.

What are your wishes for this year?

6 thoughts on “My Goals and Wishes for 2011

  1. #6 made me skip a breath. It must be so surreal to be
    turning that same age and looking at your daughters, wondering what
    your mom felt. All I have for you are hugs and ears.


  2. I find that I make resolutions everyday, rather than never. Strategies often have to change to meet your goals, and these are all great goals. I know that if you put your mind to it you will succeed. 🙂


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