For Baby Kai and others

For months my friend travelled back and forth to Women’s Hospital to have her unborn’s heart checked. There was indication that there was something wrong. You could tell she was working on keeping strong in front of her older two children and her friends. We all prayed and kept her strength going in our hearts.

Two weeks ago she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Kai. Within days he went in for surgery in hopes to have his heart fixed. After a short surgery, it was declared that he needed to be placed on the priority heart transplant list.

For the past 14 days, Facebook and Twitter filled with wishes and prayers to get him his heart. Last night he passed away. Never having a chance to see his home or all the loved ones who never got to meet.

 As one who has lost a lot of loved ones, it is never easy. Rationally, you know he is now at peace and not in pain. But it still hurts.

Hug your loved ones tight. Life is too short and precious.

 Have you registered your family to be donors?

Google how you can.

If you are in BC here is the link to register.

3 thoughts on “For Baby Kai and others

  1. I am just so terribly upset to hear that Kai passed. I have thought of him and his parents quite a bit since I saw that first tweet of yours announcing his birth. If I am sitting here crying for this poor family, I can only imagine their grief is a billion times worse. Devastating news.


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