Stolen Me Time

I am so enthralled with the new Jennifer Weiner novel that I did not hear my name being called. I close and smile at the lady who was paging me. I follow her down the pastel colored hallway to my new seat, and place my book and purse at the table next to me. She hands me some TV headphones and explains to me how they work. I thank her and settle into the chair and begin flipping through the channels.  With a thrill, I see my favorite soap opera is coming on. I kick back and place my hands on my lap to watch.

For the first time in a long time I am so relaxed. Yes, I feel a tad guilty that the reason why I am so at ease is because the kids are not here. No running around or bribing them with treats to sit still for five minutes. Right now it is just me.  The kids are with their daddy, who came home early, so I can be here alone.

I remember the times before kids of lazy afternoons, watching a movie or reading a book in its entirety with perhaps a glass of wine by my side. Times have surely changed, as I think with a smile. Now I get to watch my show in comfort with my feet up.

“Hello, Danielle. How are you today?” The masked man comes in the room, I am so raptured by the screen that I almost forgot where I was again.

I nod, Ok. He begins to explain what will be done today to help my cracked tooth, and then asks if I have any questions. I shake my answer, No.  Immediately the tray of shiny tools appears and the needle slips into my cheek. The gauze is placed.  My mouth begins to tingle where he pierced the skin. The dentist slips out of the room. I settle once again to see what is happening on the Young and The Restless.

As the numbness sets in, I laugh at the situation. If I told myself five years ago, before kids, that I would look forward to a dentist visit for a mini-vacation I would pity myself. Nowadays, I will take what I can get. After all, I can’t the last time I could read or watch a TV show just for me. For this stay-at-home mom, it is my stolen vacation.

One thought on “Stolen Me Time

  1. I too will take what I can get. I recently went to try aquaboxing with a friend despite my intense dislike of public swimming pools. We later joked about making a list of all the things we would do to get out of the house without the kids. The dentist would definitely be on that list.


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