The Waiting Is Not a Game

As a kid you wait for the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. As a teenager you wait for the school bell and to grow up. As an adult you wait for the promotion and Fridays. A soon-to-be parent waits for the stick to turn blue and to teach their child to tie their shoe. As a parent you wait for the sleeping nights and for your kids to be safe.

As a big sister, I wait day after day for my sister’s results to come back. We wait for her to be healthy again. We wait for the cancer to go away for good this time. She waits for what was normal once before. This is the blemished reality of more tests, more waiting and more surgeries.

Whoever said the expression ‘waiting game’ must have been kidding. The agonizing waiting eats away at our daily lives. The unknown plagues our hearts. To be in limbo stalls the ability to move forward, lighter and better.

Well let’s just face it, waiting sucks!

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