My Oprah AHA Moment

The lights in the living room are dim. My feet are up on the coffee table and a chilled glass of wine in hand. The room is quiet. The monitor is perched beside me emoting the childrens’ snores. My darling husband is downstairs playing his favorite computer game. My new happy place is having the TV to myself. I click on the PVR and select the next Oprah episode with a touch of sadness. This is the final week of The Oprah Winfrey show. She is moving on after 25 years. I first discovered her show shortly after my mom died in 1984. After her death I would let my sister and myself in after school. We would do our homework in front of the TV tuned into Oprah. Watching her every day after school became such a comfort to my being a latch-key kid. She would offer kindness, compassion and teach me the ways of the world just like my mom had done. Watching her today, now being a mom myself, has taken on a whole new meaning. I have learned parenting information and have been entertained while my babies napped in my arms. Learning from Oprah has been a part of my happy places for all this time. Now it’s almost time to say goodbye, and part of my ten-year old self feels like its saying goodbye to my mom again. I know it’s silly, but its how I feel. I love this era where a beautiful black woman runs her own network, a black young man runs the US and a white woman runs our province in Canada. All of the generations of our ancestors have fought for, and won progress in this world. Anything is possible to achieve. I can’t wait to see what history my daughters will make. I see the red lights light up on the monitor with the collective snores from my girls and I smile. A calm washes over me that lift a load off my shoulders. It dawns on me that there is no sadness to saying goodbye to a tradition that has been a part of me for so long. It’s about closing a chapter and opening a new one is what Oprah has taught me. Thank you Oprah. See you on OWN.

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