Summer sick days

With no back up help, my four-year-old daughter and i have the flu. My two-year-old daughter pretty much has the run of the house. Wiping up messes, filling waters and flipping DVDs is all I have the strength to do. Hubby had to go to work. So it is just us.

My body aches in exhaustion. Before I know it it is lunch time. Then, the front door opens and in walks my darling hubby. Such relief, to say the least, to see him. While we can’t afford him to take a day off, I can’t afford him not to be here. It takes a lot for me to say that. Been self-reliant for too long.

As the day progresses in pjs and soda crackers, I realize that putting pause on our day is important. I never do it for wellness days and only extreme sickness. When mama goes down so does the house. With my partner in parenting filling in for me, I took a much needed nap. having batteries half -charged, I clean up the house a bit,

As dinner hour approaches, I still don’t feel one hundred percent.
Do we ever?

Why is it hard for moms to stop? Supermom is a fantasy. Treat ourselves first so we can help our loved ones.

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