Why I love being Canadian!

July 1st marks the birthday of our country. For years I sang the anthem, wore red and celebrated.

When I became a mom, holding my newborn I sang the only song I knew by heart-Oh Canada.

Night after night while holding my baby, I would sing in my off-key tired voice. Slowly I began to learn new songs, it was the rhythmic words of “our home and..” that soothed her.

As my baby grew older, she would sing it to her baby sister in full toddler glory. It is a joy to watch and listen.

The song is so important part of our past, present and future history. I am proud to share it with my daughters.

I am proud to be Canadian for so many reasons. Most of all our extended family lives here. My grandparents touched their roots here many years ago.

With everything that goes on throughout the planet-I love Canada to raise my beautiful girls.this is our home.

I know in their Canada a woman will run this country! I believe!

Happy Birthday Canada!

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