A Must in My Purse

Ever since being a figure skater when I was a child, I have suffered the painful embarrassment of having cold sores. As an adult, they strike in a glaring spotlight on the same bottom right-side of my lip just like in my childhood.

In my pre-children life, I was a background performer (extra) and day actor in movies and television. In Hollywood North cold sores frequently reared their heads. True to form, I woke up on a day I was auditioning for Scary Movie. The audition was for Keenan Ivory Wayans, the director. I was nervous from the time I got the call from my agent. I walked into the bathroom to get ready for the long commute into Vancouver to audition for the brains behind In Living Color. The fog from the shower had not cleared the mirror so I got dressed. When I went back into the bathroom, the fog had cleared. I got out my make-up kit and looked up.

Sitting on my bottom lip was a cold sore the size of a strawberry. I was horrified. I scoured through the medicine cabinet looking for any cold sore medicine. My heart sunk when I realized we had none. Somehow I was going to either cancel the audition or try to cover it. I had no clue how.  I took out my Bobbi Brown book to see if the famous makeup maven listed anything to help.

I muddled through and made it to the audition. The test Polaroid was taken and placed with my resume. I entered the room and whizzed through my lines. As I went to leave, I saw my image on the screen of the playback video. My heart froze. I could see the huge sore underneath the cover-up I had attempted.  I didn’t get the part and survived.

When Mom Central asked me to be part of the Abreva blog tour, I was thrilled. Abreva has been in my purse for as long as I can remember.  I try to make every effort since that fateful audition disaster to keep it in my bag. Since being a mom the size of my purse has changed. When I am on a rare night out with my husband and no kids, my purse shrinks a lot.

However what remains is:

  1. Cellphone
  2. Lip gloss
  3. Keys
  4. Wallet
  5. Abreva.

The first four is obvious. Number 5 is my quick fix for the humiliating cold sore attacks. Why?

Only abreva® contains a patented medicine (docosanol 10%) that has been clinically proven to speed healing. abreva can also help prevent the cold sore virus from entering healthy cells. Medicated lip balms with menthol can temporarily alleviate pain but don’t have medication that speeds cold sore healing – but abreva does.

I love the instant  relief I feel when I first apply the treatment to the stinging spot. Even when the sore has appeared in full force, applying abreva still works. I have spent a lot of money on over-the-counter medications and even prescriptions, nothing heals faster so I can move on with my day and not shy away from having pictures taken with my precious daughters.

For my dear Canadian  readers I have something to share courtesy of  Abreva.

Go to www.abreva.ca between August 15th and 13th to reserve your spot for a group coupon worth $5.00!!

It gets better!!

From August 15th through till Septemebr 2nd, share your must-haves in your purse for a chance to win a COACH WRISTLET. One lucky reader who shares what is in their bag will win!! Canadians only please.

I know there are some readers of mine out there who could use a new treat for yourselves!

Share what is in your bag in the comments. Good Luck!!

Disclosure – I am participating in the ABREVA program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of GlaxoSmithKline. I received a Coach wristlet as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

27 thoughts on “A Must in My Purse

  1. Ok, as a long time sufferer of cold sores why have I not heard of Abreva. I am putting it on my shopping list right now.

    Like you, I have my mommy purse and my out alone purse. In both you will always find my wallet, my Blackberry, my iPhone, my coupon organizer and hopefully my keys.

    Great story and great post!!!


  2. I’ve never had a cold sore, but I can only imagine the embarrassment. It’s natural though, so no need to feel shame! It happens to so many people. Great post, D 🙂


  3. The better question for me would be “What’s NOT in my bag?” LOL! With a baby, my bag overflows with stuff for me and him. From my wallet, phone, reusable shopping bags, many lipsticks, snacks for me and him, sunglasses, keys, Tide-to-go pen, nail file, nippers (for hangnails), gum, water bottle, wipes, grocery list, and a baby spoon….my bag looks more like a garbage bag than a purse!


  4. Beside the usual of my keys, cellphone and wallet, I always carry lip balm, hand cream, disinfectant lotion, coupons, Kleenex, and reusable shopping bag. But lately I also manage to stuff diapers, wipes, and a small camera.


  5. My purse always has lip balm, iPhone, wallet, keys, glasses, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, comb, pepto, Advil, coupons. Of I need something smaller, just id, essential cards, lip gloss. Oh and always a hair elastic and Bobby pins.


  6. I’m just trying to find the right mix of “must haves” now that my son is starting school – iPhone, VISA, a couple tissues, $10 cash, business cards and my emergency inhaler seem to be the essentials. Thanks for the chance to win a treat from Coach, Danielle.


  7. I don’t remember the last time I carried a purse, since my son was born (over 5 years ago) I haul a suitcase with me where ever I go! In it you will find my wallet (which is usually empty so not sure why I keep bringing it with me, you see the cards just get tossed back into the pit as they are used never placed back into the wallet), sunglasses (for me and the boy), keys, Iphone, Ipod, an assortment of lip gloss, hand cream, nail file, band-aid, polysporin, advil, a dinosaur or two, a camera or two (again ???), pens and for some reason a pink crayon, Inhaler (x2), Epipen (x2), a handful of useless receipts and lately sand. This may be linked to my back pain.


  8. Okay so my purse if huge….I have 3 kids under 3 so heres my list
    -wallet/cheque book
    -3 kids water bottles
    -extra plastic bag
    -cell phone


  9. On my purse are keys, wallet, iPhone, tissue and LIP BALM. Can’t live without it. When I’m out with the kids, add wipes, Sophie the Giraffe, cars, 2 kids chose and as many snacks as I cam fit!


  10. I discovered the Coach side purse thingy (?) that only holds a couple items, but is great for walks to the park, hauling kids around etc… It only holds a wallet, cel phone, a lip gloss and a pen. That’s it.
    To be fair though I always have a fully stocked diaper bag in the car with the usuals… sunblock stick, those little round things you add water to that become instant towelettes, soap leaves and spare undies. (For the kiddies, not me!)


  11. Wallet, Blackberry, 5 tubes of lip gloss (in varying shades), business cards, note pad, pens, tissue, hand sanitizer, keys, 1 diaper, wipes, snacks for toddler, loose change, family photos, old receipts, and a whole lot of junk! lol


  12. a pen…..I’m always needing to write something down to remember, baby wipes, lip balm, cell phone

    carrie_dodd at hotmail dot com


  13. My must haves: The usual wallet, key, cell phone etc. Also, lip balm with spf, hand lotion, an eye lash curler, mints and mirror.


  14. My purse is tiny 99% of the time, so can only hold a few things. Cell phone, iPod, hair elastic wrapped around a lip balm, debit and other cards, and my Starbucks card. Oh, and the purse has a built in pen too. Anything in there is a must have, there’s no room for anything else. 😉


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