Running for a cure


The sun feels warm and comforting
on my back. My hands hold the stroller that carries my sleeping two-year-old
daughter. To my left is my husband holding the hand of our five-year-old
daughter. To her left stands my best girlfriend-my sister.

We are waiting for the countdown to
begin the CIBC Run for a Cure with the other two thousand participants. The
goose pimples that are marching up and down my arm are making me weepy.  I have participated in the Run since 1999-the
first year my sister won her battle with cancer. It was just me then running. Now
my husband, with our daughters, and her and her husband walk/run. This year she
won again the ugly cancer that took our mom. Our daughters didn’t get to know
their grandma.

For me, this year also is hard to
celebrate. In mere days I will turn 38, the age my mom died. Today being at a
Breast Cancer run means so much more. I run for my mom, my grandmas, my sister
and my daughters. It is because of the participation and donations by millions
of people that there could be a cure in 2020. My daughters will see on the
evening news one day that there is a cure.

We walk together and march over the
finish line hand-in-hand. No one is really alone battling cancer. It is
everyone standing next to each other to kick cancer in the balls!

Thank you #RunForACure and

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