I am sheltered behind the cupboard in the kitchen, shielded hopefully from my kids. I carefully tear open the Coffee Crisp and pop it into my mouth. I slip the wrapper in the garbage and chomp away at the sweet chocolate. Some may judge me for what I am doing, but I don’t care. It has been a hard mom day. Nothing dramatic, just long.
I laugh at my old self, pre-kids and after. I used to stress on my waist. I felt like I should always be on a diet. My problem is that in the early days after my kids were born I ate. I ate a lot. The quick meals that were laden with fat were too hard to pass up. I also ate to self-soothe the loneliness being at home brought.
I gained, I lost and gained again. My “Aha moment” came when my sister was diagnosed with cancer again. She had been healthy and excercised. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to life’s obstacles. It was an awakening to me. If I ate 80 percent of the time well, I could indulge the other 20 percent.
I hoist my pants up and brush against my muffin top. I used to hate it and obsessed about it. I had two babies. I went through some health issues. I am also am the age that my mother died of cancer. Not one of my loved ones ever wished they had more salad on their death bed- my grandpa had asked for a sweet from Scotland.
I join my daughters in the playroom. I hope I can teach them the very valuable lesson I just figured out this year: Life is too short to abstain from indulging now and again.
Hello, my name is Danielle and I LOVE MY MUFFIN TOP!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

2 thoughts on “I LOVE MY MUFFIN TOP

  1. Love you and your muffin top. I’m trying to embrace mine, but it’s a struggle. Now if it would only move up to my boobs, I’d be more likely to love it.


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