Why I Heart Today’s Parent

While flipping through Twitter last week I spied a tweet that jazzed me up. I first got to know Nadine when she was in the driver’s seat at Sweet Mama. At that time I was new to the blogging world and it showed in my work. Nadine took my hand to guide me to do something better, grammar flaws and all. She saw more in my writing voice than I did at that point. What transpired after her guidance was a mother writing masterpiece that stays in my portfolio today. Later that year she invited me to be the featured Sweet Mama for August 2010.

This memory resonates with me as I hold my younger daughter’s hand while we go through autism assessments. We need to a proper diagnosis if there is something more going on other than global delays, which are already evident. From the moment she was born we suspected she would not hit milestones that her older sister flew threw. It is so challenging to not compare your kids. Just like each pregnancy is not the same, neither are the kids. The process to get there is challenging. Many times we stumbled upon other resources that we didn’t know otherwise.  There is no guidebook for each child or a map for parents with kids of challenges.

This unchosen path is what I would love to bring to Today’s Parent as their new blogger. Writing about the journey to find answers and how we manage (or not) as a family. I would include specific resources in hopes to speed up the process for another family. Time is so crucial when it comes to a child’s early intervention.

Thank you Nadine and Today’s Parent for making this opportunity open to all.

Three of my proudest posts:




I haven’t written much yet about my girl. I want to break my silence.

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