What I wish for Christmas this year


Hearing my tenacious five-year-old ramble off her list to Santa makes my nostalgic heart glow. I remember the anticipation in the days leading up to Christmas wondering what is going to be under the tree. My sister and I would be sent to bed early so we didn’t see Santa. All the magic and everything that goes with it made my childhood holidays special.

As I hit teenage hood my lists shrunk. Everything on a child’s wish list is a label. Sometimes it is the latest, hottest toy or a specific doll which changes over the years.

As an adult, I became jaded. It didn’t help that I worked throughout the holiday season.  Decorating and shopping felt like a chore. I missed out on many Christmas parties due to work.  When I changed jobs and had the holidays off I started to relax.

Last year our family canceled most of Christmas due a dear family member who became ill. That rocked our world and changed our priorities forever.

By the grace of a higher power, that loved one will be celebrating Christmas with us this year.  I realized surprises come in all shapes and sizes. What I wished for Christmas last year became true this year. All my family is healthy and happy, and still here.

Sure, if there is a gift under the tree I will be thrilled. Having my small family healthy is priceless. Having said that, I wished in 2010 to have a voice online. I now have many readers whom I call friends. Readers, you are one of the most precious gifts I didn’t know I wanted until you said hello.

Happy holidays!! May your wishes come true!


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