Post-Natal Purses: Size Matters


As you prep for when baby arrives the one tool you need to leave the house with (after the car seat) is the diaper bag. When looking at the suggested checklist it seems that a new mom needs a large suitcase with heels just to leave the house. Your back groans at the thought of it.

When your baby arrives what you actually need varies to kid to kid. I went through several bags as often my kids outgrew their clothes. What I narrowed down to what to compile into one bag for us three: one errand, play dates or appointments that took all day. My biggest tip is that to put your wallet and essentials in a small clutch inside the diaper bag. It helps for when you need to find your wallet or lip balm. You will always pack too much or too little.

As your kids grow, they will have their own backpacks or bags for their own stuff. You will reclaim your purse once again. Your back will straighten while your heart is whimsical on how fast your kids are growing.

Size matters when it comes to packing what you may or actually need for your time outside the house. It also helps when you come to the rescue of a cranky toddler when you find goldfish in the black hole of your purse.

Just never forget your essentials. After all a happy mom is a happy life. 🙂


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