Summertime is My Time #FreeTheirImagination

It is days away from the end of the school year. Thursday afternoon will mark the graduation of my oldest daughter’s time as a kindergartener.  I will admit there have been days that I have enjoyed a quieter house. Days that I was happy to walk her to school so she can enjoy  time with her friends. The past ten months have flown. While summer may well fly just as fast, I am looking forward to slowing down with both my daughters.

I have made  a conscious effort to take less work on, made less plans for all of us and will take each day one by one.   As I write this I realize that I have missed spending time with my daughters, and not being bound by the school schedules.  It has become more important since I became older than my mother who died when I was ten years old. I thrive at working on memories for my girls.

For sunny or cloudy days I have a list of local parks and farms to explore locally and within cities nearby. There will be a park pack in my trunk filled with bathing suits, sunscreen, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and non-perishable snacks. We also have the beauty of our backyard in the complex that has a playground and a trampoline. We can kill hours outside. We even have a small fridge by our back door with chilled waters and popsicles to extend our enjoyment.

For rainy days I have a box filled with indoor fun like new games, activity books and art project kits.  We make the wet days outside fun with camp-like activities including forts in the living room to watch a favorite movie.  Then we finger paint wrapping paper or work on upcoming birthday cards for friends.  Once we dressed up and had tea on Mars. We adore our time together.

Summer times are a great time to re-connect with your kids. It takes me back to my own childhood of idleness under the sun.

I am pleased to announce that Energizer is kicking off their Energizer Free Their Imagination contest on Facebook as of today until October 1, 2012. Like them and use the pin code BePrepared hourly to win over 2000 prizes! You can receive more pin codes hourly to win!  It is that simple to win prizes to enjoy with your kids!

I spy on the calendar that September looms all too quickly, just like my girls are growing up. It is my honour and joy to spend as much play time with my girls as possible.  I also do it for my girls and myself because my mom could not.  Freeing my daughters’ imagination is priceless, yet rich in my heart forever.


Disclosure-I am participating in the Energizer program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my
participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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