My heart hurts for them. ALL of them.

This week has been a hard one. Earlier this morning I learned about the Colorado shooting at the theater in Aurora, Colorado. My heart tore when I heard about the children involved. I thought about all the families hurting today.

At first I wondered out loud why were there kids at a midnight showing. Not judging at all. I know many moms who take their kids everywhere. I am in awe of that. I recall the early days in a blur. I wish I did more instead of hiding at home. I did not blame the victims for one second.

When I made lunch for my girls today it struck me that I am not just sad for the children and their families. They may have been out because of a celebration. The 9 year old could have had a great report card and earned to go to the Batman movie. The possibilities are endless. We may never know the details.

I am sad because all that were there was someone’s child, each theater patron. There are all have hurting families today not just the young kids. It is very sad indeed.

You make a thousand decisions as a parent. You never know. Live life. That is the best thing I am learning this week of many traumas.

Life is too short.

2 thoughts on “My heart hurts for them. ALL of them.

  1. What happened early this morning was horrific, so sad, so scary. I can’t even begin to imagine what the families of those who lost loved ones are going through…you are right. Every single person there was someone’s somebody, and MY HEART ACHES for every single one of them.

    The children who where there, who were witness to such a tragedy will likely never forget, will have images in their mind for years to come. But it’s no ones fault that it happened but the shooters… I hope that the parents of these kids don’t blame themselves…I pray they don’t. They were just looking to have fun.

    I will admit, it bothered me…it bothered me to see people seeming to cast judgement on the parents of the children who were there…”Why were their kids at a midnight viewing” It’s no ones place to tell anyone how to parent (unless abusive obviously)…Today is a day for mourning…

    I’m glad that you aren’t judging…I’m glad that so many agree’d and rt’d when I shared my frustration. And I’m so glad that the children who were there, survived. At least that’s what I’m reading/hearing.


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