A Kinder Birthday

Armed with a big box of Kinder Eggs, I walk with my almost four-year-old into her pre-school class. She has had a hard time transitioning into letting me leave her at pre-school. With her sensory issues we are grateful she has a support worker to help. It is challenging for her to make friends in general.
So when the box showed up this morning, I thought what a great idea to celebrate her birthday by sharing them with her classmates. The kids are wonderful with her. Her teachers have been very supportive on what she needs in class. It’s time to thank them.
I snuck them into the teacher’s special hiding spot. They will give them out at snack time. As I leave the building, my daughter kisses me goodbye. I can’t wait to hear how the eggs went over.
Two hours later I arrive to pick her up. As I slip into the room, I hear the kids singing Happy Birthday to her. I had to bite my lip from letting a few tears slip. We pack up to leave. As we zip her jacket, all of her fellow students came over to thank her for the eggs. As she looks up to a few of them to make eye contact, my heart stops. Amongst her challenges is that she is socially delayed. For her to make eye contact to acknowledge the kids is awesome to say the least.
Thank you Kinder Canada for making my bonus daughter’s birthday special.

Sharing is one of our favorite ways to play.

What are some of your favorite ways to play?

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Kinder Mom campaign with Mom Central Canada and Kinder Canada. I have been compensated for this post. However opinions on this blog are of my own.


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