A Letter to Shoppers this Season


December 2012

Dear Christmas Shoppers,

RE: Being Kind while Shopping this Season

First, I want to wish you a Happy Holiday season.

Secondly, this is a very busy shopping season. Retailers do appreciate you coming in to buy gifts. For some companies it is when they start to turn a profit from a tight year. When the business’s purchased their winter stock back in the spring, they try to anticipate what is the ‘it’ item for the Holiday season. When you yell at the cashier for the empty shelf on Christmas Eve, remember it is not the clerk’s fault.

Thirdly, on that note, turn that frown upside down. Yes, the lines are long. Yes, the clerk may have been working for 10 hours without a break.

Fourthly, I dare you to do one kind thing each shopping trip. Hold a door open for someone or let a frazzled mom go ahead of you. It does not take much to pay it forward, or cost a thing.

Finally, it is ‘tis the season to be jolly.’ There is power in taking a breath and being grateful for what you have. You may find your smile is contagious. It can also make a tired cashier’s day.



15 year Christmas Retail Veteran

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