Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

tangled web

When this book arrived in my mailbox, I opened it with curiosity about a potential love story. It was February, the month of love after all. I always held Valentine’s Day at arms length. Growing up I was never the ‘pretty one’ who got lots of heart-shaped boxes and cards. As a teenager, I stayed home from school dances and parties. I was broken-up with once on Valentines’ Day.

When I met my husband we agreed that Valentine’s Day wasn’t for us but Hallmark. Once in a blue moon he would surprise me on the day.

Days before Valentines’ Day this year, I cracked open Me Before You looking for a different kind of love story. And I found it.

Louisa lives at home and worked at a local café. She divides her time between family and her long-time boyfriend, Patrick. Then, her beloved café is closed. Living in a seasonal tourist town, jobs are scarce. She reluctantly takes an interview to help a man who recently was in a terrible accident, which left him in a wheelchair. Will is bossy and moody.  He once was a worldwide traveller and extreme sports enthusiast. Louisa refuses to treat him like his mother.

Soon she loves her job with passion. Louisa brings Will out of his bitter shell. She shows him that life is worth living despite his forecast. These two are from different worlds, yet come together under difficult challenges.

I quickly became enraptured in this heart-wrenching and romantic story. I know you will become addicted to see what happens next.

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