A Thought Provoking Summer Read

The Search Angel by Tish Cohen

The Search Angel

By Tish Cohen

Eleanor Sweet is a 35 year old who runs a swank baby store. Her husband and herself have tried for years to get pregnant. After being on a long waitlist with an adoption agency, they get the call that they have a baby girl ready to be adopted by them.

Sylvie’s room is painted and furnished ready when Jonathan gets cold feet. Suddenly Eleanor is consumed with having to face her own adoption and finding her past. She has always been reluctant to search for her birth mother out of respect to her parents who adopted her. It explained when Eleanor was dating Jonathan that she was afraid to get close, in case he left. However, with her daughter’s impending arrival she meets with a Search Angel, Isabelle.

Just when Eleanor feels isolated and alone, many people show up to lend support for her and Sylvie: her depressed Great Dane, Noel from next door, or her feisty pregnant staffer.  She learns how her present desires are intertwined with her own history.

The book is out now. I highly recommend it for a weekend read.  It was hard to put down. If you are looking for a more raw, humorous and a page-turning story, this is it.  This book ties in nicely with what I have written about infertility, adoption and other motherhood topics this year.  I use my space to support moms of all shapes and sizes. Also, the best kind of mom is one who just wants to be one, no matter how.

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