5 Reasons why having a Hysterectomy was a Good Thing


Early this summer I had to go in for urgent surgery, a hysterectomy. Here is why it was the best thing for me.

Family History

For once, my family history made me a priority when my periods became erratic. I have suffered from endometriosis since I was a teen. It slowed down during my two pregnancies. Last Christmas it picked up speed painfully. It got to the point I wasn’t able to leave the house or be a present mom.

What They Found

After waiting for the best OBGYN in town for months, she sent me for test. Thankfully, I got in quickly. At that time, several fibroid tumors and one polyp was found in my uterus. Surgery was scheduled 5 weeks from the original testing date. There was no time to waste. A partial hysterectomy was scheduled quickly. (Uterus and tubes removed, ovaries were clear.)  My body took a turn for the worst fast.

Baby Factory Closed

Due to the endometriosis, I never expected to be pregnant once, let alone twice. Three doctors told me I could not conceive naturally. After meeting my girls and seeing my youngest go through her challenges with autism, my baby factory is closed. I am at peace with that. If I ever feel a baby urge, I can visit one of my friends’ newborns.


No more late-night grocery store trips when I run out of pads. No more impossible-to-handle cramps when my girls need me. No more forgetting to stock my purse every week in case I am out when ‘Aunt Flo’ arrived.

I am here!

Because of my high-cancer risk due to a genetic disorder I have for ovarian and endometrial cancer, having the surgery reduced my risk dramatically. I am older than my mom lived. History has not repeated itself. I won’t let it. Apparently my body agrees.

I turn 40 on October 10th this year. I cannot think of a better birthday gift than being alive for my family and me.

7 thoughts on “5 Reasons why having a Hysterectomy was a Good Thing

  1. are you going to do an alternative semi-clinical posts on how your life is a different after a hysterectomy? im not sure if you have to go on hormone replacement or not sure. i know someone with endometriosis, im glad there’s hope of having children naturally!


  2. amazing woman! i also was told at 18 i had endometriosis and was told i would not have any kids. 2 kids later i proved that nurse wrong. You have come a long way amen to your decision! Enjoy your new found period free freedom!


  3. You are a brave woman! I know there is a good chance that one of these may be in my future as well. My mother had to have one as soon as she was done having children, though for different reasons.


  4. Surgery always sucks but the return of investment in this case is totally worth it. I am happy for you. I hope this gives you health and peace. I had a hysterectomy many years ago now – I was young. I don’t miss the heavy endometriosus periods that’s for sure.


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