Pixie Dust Wonder

Through the magic of Twitter and blogging I was very fortunate to receive an invitation from Angela Saclamacis of Disney to attend the media launch of the new cruise ship Disney Wonder. Being a mom of two young daughters I jumped at the chance to go. On the Skytrain commute into town I reminded myself to be professional. I was excited to get out of the house let alone spend the day with Disney Cruise Lines.
I stepped off the train and drunk in the sight of the Disney Wonder for the first time. I stood stunned at its majestic glory. I have never been on a cruise ship before.

As I checked in, I read all about the cruise. This vessel’s destination is Alaska for the summer. Guests will enjoy breathtaking vistas, wildlife and all the customs of the native culture. When on route they will experience a vacation that only Disney can create. From the various kids clubs, the pools, the Broadway style shows and nightlife for the parents when the kids are asleep, families can reconnect and recharge.

Before we were about to go on a guided tour and enjoy lunch, one more special captain had to say hello.My professional exterior crumbled inward to my eight-year-old self when Mickey and his friends came to say hi. I never have been this close to anything Disney. It was as if Tinkerbell was right there spreading her pixie dust.

The detailing in the design and finishing, the iconic Ariel statue, the activities for families to play together or have time apart, I was hooked. Disney really knows how to make us all treat their guests to feel like we are VIPs.
                            The day came to a close and I had to say good-bye, for now.

                               Thank you Disney and Angela Saclamacis for a memorable day.