Why I Like Strike Days

It is Day 1 of the BC Teachers Strike. There have been many mixed emotions about it from parents, the union and government. I have made my own feelings be known about the matter to media and both sides of it. That is not why I am penning this post.

Initially when the strike was announced five days ago, I panicked. I wondered what I would do with my kindergartener for all that time. Day camps are an option, however, my youngest daughter’s home therapy schedule conflicts with many local camps.

Then my creative side in me went to work. I came up with a list of things we could do at home. Most on the list is free. The bonus for the strike days is that I do not have to try to get both kids out to make it to school.

My list:

  1. Offer play dates to friends. It helps another parent if we can trade houses to share playtimes.
  2. Have my 5 year-old work on her independent reading. Also, she will read to her sister which gives bonus bonding time.
  3. Fort Theatre. We love making a fort inside the house to have a snack or meal while watching a movie it’s a lot of fun.
  4. Make a storybook. It incorporates her independent writing and art time.
  5. Purge the house of unused toys. We do this every few months. I also get into the spirit to donate what I no longer use.

Treating this time to nurture the skills she is learning at school and having bonus play time will make the days go by fast. School will be there eventually, but our precious time together is priceless.