A Childless Mother’s Day

IVF4BCMother’s Day is approaching quickly. For years after my mom died, I hated the day. I would volunteer to take the Sunday shifts so those moms on staff could all have the day off. I felt that by keeping busy at work it would make the day go fast, so I could numb the pain that I did not have a mom.

When I became a mom of a miracle and bonus baby, Mother’s Day took on a whole new meaning. I did not ask for much other than  time to relish in the fact that I was chosen to be their mom.  Throughout the day my heart would ache for those trying to be a mom. I never knew I wanted to be a mom until I met my girls.

As many women who long to be moms, Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder on what is missing in their lives. When I interviewed Nia Vardalos about her book  Instant Mom, I asked her if she knew that her daughter was in the fos-adopt program would she have gone through the 13 IVF treatments?  She replied, “I say, that is your god-given right. Don’t try it. Do it.”

As I have written about the struggles for BC couples who have tried to conceive naturally and can’t afford to go through in vitro treatments to be parents, my heart aches for them. The BEST parents are those who want to be parents through any means.

There are as many as 1 in 5 families who are impacted by infertitlity. Fertility declines as early as age 28, when women are involved in their careers and might not be thinking about families. The only province that is curently funding IVF is Quebec. Publicly funding  IVF would save precious health care dollars. Since Quebec has a reputation of being family focused like BC, will this election help BC families come May 14th?

Did you know that Austraila funds up to 80% of the cost of IVF? Publicly funding single embryo transfers will preserve the health of multiple births and mom long term.

After battling many years of endometriosis I have been gifted the joy of being a mom to two amazing daughters.  Are you celebrating Mothers Day this year?  What is your story?


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