A New Kinder Year, a New Contest!

Barbie and  Hotwheel Kinder

I am watching my 4 & 6 year-old daughters race away in the delight of their new Kinder Eggs. In one hand is the Pink Barbie Egg and in the other is a Hot Wheel Egg. They eat the delicious chocolate egg shell and hand over the surprise inside for us to discover the toy. The looks on their faces remind me of my own childhood excitement to open the Egg.

I think back to being a kid and recall that girls were told that Barbie’s and Easy Bake Ovens were the must-have toys. Boys were encouraged to race their Hot Wheels and play trains. As the decades melded into forward thinking, I love being a mom now. My girls can choose their own way of playing and with what they play with. If they want to play Barbie, great! If they want to race a Hot Wheel car to win a Race Cup, super!  Girls can play with both ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ toys. The choice is theirs.

I have loved being a part of the Kinder Canada campaign over the past year.  Play time, sharing and empowering kids is the core of creative thinking.  Also, I love having fun along with them.  I know my children are crafting the memories they will hold close through their adulthood.

To kick off this amazing launch, our friends at KINDER® Canada will be giving away 40 KINDER® Barbie™ Hot Wheels™ Prize Packs which is only exclusive to Facebook. Prizes include Barbie™ and Hot Wheels™ toys as well as a pack of 24 KINDER® SURPRISE® eggs. Starting on January 10th, for four weeks, you will be able to participate in our KINDER® Barbie™ Hot Wheels™ contest simply by becoming a fan of Kinder Canada and by following the instructions on Facebook.

Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.