Being a Mom Brought Back School Memories #OKSchoolMem

I admit that when it is back to school again for my kids, I get giddy. It’s not because I am excited for having the house back to myself. Okay, maybe that is not entirely true. It is mostly because I loved school as a kid. I have fun shopping for school supplies then hearing about my daughters’ days in school.

I remember when after hours of early morning figure skating I would nap in the gym locker room while the rest of my class had PE. Memories flood back of when my mom, a former school teacher, would interrogate my teachers on their practicum.
Pretty soon my girls will participate in concerts and productions. I can still feel the elastic of the cap my grandmother made for me when I was the Mother in ‘Twas the Night before Christmas in Grade 2.
After my mom died, I had classes to keep me distracted. It wasn’t until I signed up for Drama in Grade 10 that it brought back my voice. Because of the encouragement of my Drama teacher I auditioned for the school play. I got it! My skin felt warm in the lights. I loved making people laugh and clap.
Even when my home life when I was a teenager went dark, school was the light to my future. The teachers, counsellors, friends and my passion to learn in school motivated me. I will be eager to hear what my girls bring home from school.
There are pluses and minuses of public school for sure. If you ever thought about private school but didn’t know where to start. On November 11, 2012 Sunday at The Westin Bayshore in Vancouver will be the Our Kids Private School Expo. They’re the easiest way to learn about private and independent schools.

  • Meet the leading private and independent  schools and speak with current students and parents
  • Learn how to find the right private school for  your child and explore different types of schools, educational  philosophies and special programs
  • Find out about the admissions process, when to apply and what schools look for
  • Understand how to budget and receive information about scholarships, bursaries and tax credits

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