Hot Young Adult novels to look for in 2013


Ivy in the Shadows

By Chris Woodworth

Musician step father leaves the family after cheating on her mom. So a boarder named Caleb comes to live with 12-year-old Ivy, her brother and mother. Caleb’s parents are missionaries. The stories he tells at school makes Ivy think they are all lies. He is worshiped by her five-year-old brother, JJ. As Ivy peeks from the shadows, she shocked at what is unveiled.

Confessions of an Angry Girl

By Louise Rozett

Immersed in the mystery of high school, this story reveals the pain of summer when 14 year-old Rosie’s dad dies in Iraq. She has to learn to live in a world that deals with crushes and that it is okay to not have a cell phone.

The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larson

By Susan Nielsen

A Vancouver writer opens the story of 13-year-old Henry as he is taken to a therapist to deal with his emotions. The psychologist urges him to write in a notebook. What he pens surprises himself.

Sparrow Road

By Sheila O Connor

“This summer Raine will have to learn to expect the unexpected.”

12-year-old Raine O’Rourke is forced to join her mother at her new job for the summer. Many hours are spent away from home to work at a mansion that houses an eccentric group of artists. Her mother is the cook and house keeper. While the daytime silence rule is in effect, Raine explores the estate wondering why they had to come here. A secret changes her world forever.