My Third Blogaversary


The date was January 4th, 2009. I still remember the way the keys felt under my fingers, shaky and scared if I was ‘doing it right.’ After ten months having fun on Twitter and taking The Momoir Project classes, I craved to take my world public. I wished to progress in my writing. I learned a lot in reading blog posts online and taking many classes.

It is now three years later and I reflect on what I have learned, and wish I knew back then. There are many things I needed someone to walk me through it.

Lessons for new to blogging:

  1. Think long and hard on what to name your blog. It sticks forever.
  2. Read. There is a lot to learn there.
  3. Don’t feel the pressure to keep a blogging schedule. Do what feels right. Business blogs or personal blogs, it has to feel organic to share your writing. To not keep writing schedule if it doesn’t feel right. If it feels like an obligation then your readers will feel that pressure too in your words.

On that note, I am taking my own advice. I will not be posting regularly for a while. I am going back to learning mode. I also will be spending more time with my youngest that was recently diagnosed with autism. We are at the beginning of the therapy journey. I need to focus on my family. I also will be having less ‘me time’ in the process. When I get a small break, I wish to do what I feel right to do, without obligation. Live in the creative present.

I am daring myself to focus on writing a novel. I did it twice for 3Day Novel contest. It is something in my soul that is screaming to do again.

Thank you readers for the past three years. You have taught me more than I could have ever learned in a classroom. I will keep in touch as long as you wish. Find me on Twitter: @just_d_world

Happy New Year’s to you!!