Letters To My Dead Mother: after death

August 20th, 1984

Dear Mommy,

It’s been five days since you went to heaven. Very weird to think last week you were having lunch with us in your hospital room. Tonight we had to pick out our outfits to wear at your funeral tomorrow. You are supposed to wear black but you never bought us black dresses. So we were in the kitchen and Daddy was helping us iron the outfits. He looked at our doorway to the dining room and said “Mom’s here.” We looked where he was looking and there was a ball of light floating there. It did not look like it was a reflection off anything. All three of us saw it. Katie said hi. I said hi too. Was it you? Did you hear us? I don’t like this dying thing. Dad says I can talk to you all I want but you can’t talk back. Anyway, I hope you are happy wherever you are.



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