My arms are wrapped around my 4-year-old cuddling her to sleep. From my big toe and the ends of the hair on my head, I am so bone tired. The room is still and dark. The only interruption is the snoring from my two-year-old only a few feet away in her bed.

I don’t dare to close my eyes because I know I will fall asleep. One glance at the clock radio in the corner by the door reveals that I need to get going. There is so much to do before I can sleep.

Reality smacks me like a wind storm on a boat.

I miss my husband.

He is out-of-town for work. This should be the last night this week until he is home and in our bed.

I am in awe of how single parents survive. This month alone I have done it for six nights and it is draining. I do not have anyone to help me. I am so glad he will be home tomorrow.

Dreams of having a shower ALONE, and sitting still for five minutes seem almost attainable.

I awake with a start and am not surprised that I am still in my older daughter’s bed and an hour has passed.

I stumble downstairs and look at the messy kitchen.

I shrug my shoulders and tell myself tomorrow. My bed calls to me. Rest. Sleep. I will wake up in the morning and my partner in parenting will be home.


  1. It is so hard to do the bedtime thing when you are by yourself and have 2 kids! I’m doing solo parenting duty tonight and ended up leaving the 2 yo to “put herself to sleep” which basically means she screamed and protested until she fell asleep.

    I feel bad but I can’t spend my life on her floor waiting for her to fall asleep 😦 Things to do, bed to get to…eventually


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