Momoir Project

The Momoir Project came into my life when I was approaching the age that my mother died. I knew nothing of when I was a kid so it motivated me if I had the same fate as she did, my daughters would know the stories of their childhood. As a stay-at-home mom, I joined the online classes with Cori and loved being able to talk with the other women all the while changing diapers.

Since joining I have been published in many places. I am a regular contributor to The Momoir Project where I attend free workshops, coaching from Cori and even have ghost written a review for Today’s Parent. I began my own personal blog ( to profile what I can write and to keep crafting my writing.

When I began interacting on Twitter, I got hooked seeing who was looking for writers. An average blog count out there is 300-600 words. I kept a notebook handy during the day so when inspiration hit I could jot a few ideas down and type them out at night when the kids were asleep.

I have blogged for The Yummy Club (no $ but great exposure and connections to terrific people). I have written for many great sites for the opportunity to be published where I have been promoted:, Sweet Mama, A Bit Of Momsense, 5 More Minutes With, Wonder Moms and Pro Youth worker where my teen story that was posted has helped other youths in trouble. I have been published on Oh Baby magazine online and in their print magazine which is distributed in nationwide Sears baby departments. It is not paid but it got my name in print.

When I first started getting compensation was through Mom Central through gift cards to Tim Hortons and Chapters. I am the main book reviewer for Women’s Post website where I am paid in free books and an average of $30 per post. I write SEO (Search Engine Optimization) web copy for Write Sourcing where I am paid an average $6.50 per 150 words per article. I have blogged for Microsoft Office 2010 this past summer on the Urban Moms website paid an average $50.00 per post. Other parenting site,  I have been paid $25 per post.

I have had fun writing and having the thrill of being published. Writing has kept me sane during the all-nights, tantrums (mine and the kids) and is therapeutic. Every writer tells me that if you write for money it is not as organic. I write what I love and enjoy.  I am not getting rich in dollars but am making a very modest part-time income. My scrapbook is full of the mom stories and technical writing that I have done. I am rich as writing fills a creative void that I didn’t know that needed filling until Momoir.

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