A New Year Brings Grief.

I guess my heart can take more grief and worry.

This is the week where every day brought more grief and worry in our world. From my sister working on not worrying on her future, our daughters surrogate great-grandma passing away and our friend’s newborn waiting for a heart.

At times this week I chastised myself for not writing more. It is a habit I broke during the week travelling to the hospital and the Christmas holiday. Yet writing is therapy. As a stay-at-home mom the isolation of connecting to the outside world is tough on its better days.

 By writing and speaking out maybe little Kai will find his heart. Maybe you will give up one Starbucks to your favorite charity. Maybe the end of the year will bring happy endings to the dark chapters. Maybe reading this short post you will tell a loved one how much you love them. Or to #bekind to a stranger.

You never know if the next minute, hour is the last. You will never regret giving an extra hug over staying an extra hour at work.

Please share your random #bekind or if you have a heavy story please share. It helps to talk even to an online friend.

2 thoughts on “A New Year Brings Grief.

  1. To my Best Friend, you are awesome. Keep sharing all of your stories. This world is too clammed up with ‘old school’ people. This generation of ours is the transition point for our children to be confident in their feelings, without any judgement. I love you, My Bride. Thank you for the gifts you have given me in our children and our relationship.


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