One of my happy places

In two days I will be participating in one of my favorite things to do. Book Club. It is the best kind because I will be at home, in front of the computer and tweeting with my fellow book lovers. At the helm will be Wanda (aka @YMCBookalicious).

There is no need for a babysitter or for myself to drive at night. Hubby will be down in the playroom with the kids while I cozy up to the keyboard with a glass of Chardonnay.

It never matters the book, the picks are always good. It is a bi-monthly treat for me to talk online with people I may never have met. As a work-at-home mom my outside contacts are at the playground or school drop-off. Adult conversation face to face is a rarity. It just is that way right now.

For about an hour, we converse with specifics about the read and get off topic occasionally. Before I know it, it is time for me to get the kids to bed. It always goes to fast.

We all need to take time in a happy place. I have felt better in carving a wee bit of space for me. It is always written on the calendar in pen. There is no excuse to miss it since I don’t need to leave home.

Have you carved out time for yourself? What is your happy place?

One thought on “One of my happy places

  1. Dear Danielle,

    Thanks for declaring the Yummy Mummy Club as one of your Happy Places! I too cherish my chats with my Bookalicious bookworms. We communicate with each tweet but I really wish we could meet in real life to get way off topic. I love how you promote the books we’re reading and in some cases help cajole the author to join our #YMBC chat which adds a whole other dimension to our virtual book club.

    Relish reading,
    Wanda Lynne Young


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