Tips when talking to Pregnant Women

10 things not to say or do to a pregnant woman

1. It’s just a myth that you eat for two.

2. I never had to wear maternity clothes.

3. Is what you are eating good for the baby?

4. My sister’s/roommate/cousin/friend went through 72 hours of labor. No drugs helped.

5. Why are you so sick and tired? I went jogging for five miles every day till I was 9 months.

6. Its OK honey, I like big butts.

7. Better get your sleep now!

8. Oh, you are pregnant. I thought you were just gaining weight.

9. You are so huge!

10. I left the hospital in my pre-pregnancy clothes. (LIAR!!)

Seasonal: It must suck to be pregnant in this heat!

PS – Don’t touch the pregnant belly unless I can touch your belly!

10 things to say to a pregnant woman

1. You look beautiful!

2. You are glowing.

3. You don’t look pregnant.

4. Your baby is lucky to have you as a mom.

5. Think of all the shopping.

6. You have to eat a little more each day.

7. You get to be on the receiving end of good manners (at least temporarily).

8. Nine months to pamper yourself.

9. You get to be part of a whole new world.

10. You are so lucky!

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