How we eat out with kids.

How we eat out with our kids.
After the passionate discussion this month, I was asked by readers how we manage to eat out with our young kids. We do go to Starbucks and eat out twice a month. It is a meal-off for me and creates a memory for our kids.
Often managers or customers complement our two and four year old girls on how lovely they are. The truth is it’s not always a ‘picnic’. It is careful calculation and practice for them on social situations. After some trial and errors here are our tips:
1. Have a bag of tricks with books, coloring, favorite snacks if needed or if they are old enough an electronic device. Have the device not be played with for a day or so before so it will be a treat. My four-year-old and I read eBooks or play games on the ipad.
2. At first fuss, remind your child that if they continue the fun will stop. When I mention about going home, they usually stop fussing.
3. Depending on your kid, go just before or after a nap. depending on if its lunch or dinner. We just don’t go out for dinner as our kids have stopped napping. It just is not worth having tired kids to juggle.
4. I also make sure that there are no snacks two hours before the meal. Don’t starve them but make sure they will be hungry.
5. If it is a truly cranky day, we bail. It is not worth it to neither the child nor the other customers along for the meal. There is always next time to try.
Also, if there is no kids menu, I recommend trying somewhere else. As written before, it is the parents’ responsibility to show by example. Explore a few local dining spots to give it a try. You might be surprised. We all deserve a meal we didn’t cook or have to clean up after.
What are your tips? Feel free to share with others in the comment section below. Any great/bad experiences?

One thought on “How we eat out with kids.

  1. Such great tips! I am a big fan of post-nap dinners out. We tend to go anywhere where you don’t have to order from a waitress and where kids are welcome. We go early (4:30-5), never stay longer than 30 minutes, and I always have juice and milk on-hand. I also don’t fret over what exactly he eats (he only just turned two). The main thing is WE get to eat out 😉


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