Survival Solo

The time on my iphone blares 9:00pm. I am huddled in the dark on my daughters’ floor after putting them to bed. With daddy out of town the need to be near me grew strong for them. I am rarely a mom to say no. It has been 48 hours since he left for a work trip and I am expired. After 24/7 solo parenting I am exhausted. I miss my husband. I wonder how do single parents do this day in and day out, I would go insane.

My young daughters and I have done okay together. I did let a lot of small stuff go just to get by. After a full day of taking care of them straight through to bath and bed time, I am ready for peace. I broke a lot of rules to distract our kids from the fact that their daddy was gone for awhile.

Such as:

  1. Not to sweat the small stuff. Time-outs are rarely given. I just do not have the energy. I also, rarely, yell more than normal. I let a lot of small stuff slide.
  2. For lunch and dinner, I admit, I love the kid happy meals I make while my husband is away. I make what they like, and not the huge meals I normally try when hubby is home. Meals like breakfast for dinner, or picnic and a movie are big hits.
  3. Booking our days with many plans to make them happy. Playdates, special outings and breaking the ‘rules’ make life so much smoother being responsible for two children on my own.

We are hours away from when my dear husband will be home. I covet to have five minutes alone when he arrives. I drag my tired butt off the floor and tip toe out of the room. I relax on the couch for a precious time alone and realize I am tired! I sip a small glass of wine and go back upstairs to my own bed. It is eerily quiet without my husband beside me.

As I drift off to sleep, I am grateful that I only solo parent in spurts when he has to go away. I am in awe how single parents do this day in and day out. Suddenly, my whiny voice in my head is silent. Life with my precious family is a jewel to me which I hold tight to my heart.

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