Maternal Baggage-Gone!

It’s been years since my mother died at 38 years old and I have seen my 38th    birthday with dread. I was happy to never turn that age I considered as a death sentence. Two daughters later, that birthdate is now two months away. The irony that my mom had two girls, and now I do, is not lost on me. I am scared. I keep up with tests to make sure my body is healthy as it can be. Any lumps are tested right away.

Something has turned brighter for me this year. I will not waste negative energy on dreading a date I can not avoid. So I am going to treat my 38th birthday as a I chance to break out of my maternal baggage zone with abundance. I wish to do things that I have dreamt of doing but haven’t.

Some people make a bucket list. I will make an I Am Alive  list. I have already let go of many mama expectations I have put on myself since this power took over. I do not break my back trying to keep a super clean home. I do not make cookies from scratch. I do not overschedule my kids. I do play with my kids. I do drop anything to be there. I do make time for myself weekly. (Still need to improve that one.)  I make writing mistakes and keep writing.

My brain is filled with the possibilities to make this year a positive one. Live the year that my mom couldn’t because of the effects of chemotherapy. I am alive now. I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a sister. But most of all, I am Danielle, baggage and all.

What is on your bucket list? What are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “Maternal Baggage-Gone!

  1. Dear Danielle

    the thing that really caught my attention is how you are dreading the arise of the age your mom passed away at symbolized through the birthday – if I did the math correctly it should be the 29th of Octobre. You know how people are always saying – “I know were you are coming from” and really you know (fortunately for them!!!) that they don’t?! I DO know where you are coming from. My Mother passed away on her 30th Birthday and now I am fast approaching my big 3 0 on the 10th of octobre. It felt good to see, that I am not alone! That was the main reason for me to start my own blog yesterday 🙂 Thank you for sharing this – it is truly treasured!

    xxx Kianys


    1. Hi
      We have the same birthday!!!
      Thank you for writing and reading.
      It’s very helpful to know we are not alone.
      Keep in touch.


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