Tinsel Town Mommy


Finally, I could put my feet up and relax. The monitor is on and wine is poured. Hubby is making sure our oldest is snug in bed. I grab the remote to find something mindless to watch. I flip and discover’ Liberty Stands Still.’ A lifetime ago I did work on that movie. I met the main stars, Linda Fiorentino and Wesley Snipes, and saw Oliver Platt from a distance. It was a great film to work on. The stars and crew made all the background actors feel welcome.

Then, there on my television at home was my face passing by the hot dog stand. I had completely forgotten working so close to camera. I was strangely giddy.  Just as fast as I passed through screen, I was gone.  It had been years since I left my last film job. The thrill I felt tonight was surreal. Times have changed for sure.  When I see celebrities on various websites and talk shows, I remember all too well who was naughty and nice. Sometimes it took the tinsel off my eyes when I saw how a celebrity truly is in real life. There were many who surprised me in their charm and charisma. I became a fan (still today) of many, and have stopped watching a few actors/actresses whose egos could fill a movie theatre.

It was shortly after I left film work I began my journey to my next chapter, writing.  A stick turning blue side-railed that path for a time.  Today I work-at-home writing while being mom to my dear daughters. The celebrities that make me giddy now are those whose books inspire me, or articles that have made me think.  I have met many authors now who are just as wonderful in real life.

The key factor in those who are a celebrity of the screen or page is kindness. The ones whose kindness I experienced first-hand is who I still follow. I strive to teach my daughters to be kind at every opportunity. You never know who is watching or listening.  I could write a tell-all reference book on naming names on those who are wonderful, and those who are not. But then I might have to disappear.  In the meantime, I still enjoy the ‘celeb’ encounter or tweet. It makes me feel young. Nothing wrong with that.

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