What really happened to 2011


Here was the update earlier this year:

My Goals and Wishes for 2011 Update

Surprisingly, some have come close or a reasonable facsimile.

So here it goes:

1. Cure cancer or help someone do it. Enough hurting good people.

My dear sister has had the great news that she is clear once again.


2. Have Bryan Adams follow me on Twitter. If Ellen can get on an Oprah cover, maybe I can realize this dream.

I came close. He tweeted me and a friend. Year is not over.


3. Develop my dream book and get a publisher.

In October I will be having an essay published in a great book about Mothers and Daughters. I will yearn to get a book written on my own.


4. Not cry when my oldest marches off to full-day kindergarten in September.

She did beautifully. The only blip was when she realized she would have lunch at school. She is in the same class as three friends from the neighborhood.


5. To doubly, not cry when my youngest begins 3 year old pre-school in September.

After two months, we pulled her out. She wanted me at pre-school before she would participate in the activities. She has now been diagnosed with autism. We are optimistic as she starts therapy. The next two years will be focused on her succeeding at kindergarten.


6. Actually enjoy my 38th birthday instead of wanting to skip the age my mom died.

I got through it. The black cloud was there lingering. I am trying to ignore the age and focus on goals.


7. Make a Me time a priority every day even if it’s going to the bathroom alone.

Occasionally I have met that goal. Usually when I least expect it. Just this week I went ice skating with my oldest daughter. It tripped me into the past that I buried. I ice skated for seven years when I was a young girl. I loved sharing that with my girl.


How are you on your wishes for this year? Any surprises?

Best Wishes and Dreams for 2012!


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