My youngest counts too!


The presents remain scattered on the floor. It looks like a toy store exploded here. I am excited for my two daughters who have been hit with the Christmas magic. My two beauties are running around the room playing from toy to toy.  In my heart, I am biting my tongue. When I should be grateful for the gifts my girls got I can’t help but notice the pink elephant in the living room.

I look at all what my oldest daughter received from friends and family. Next to hers is what my youngest girl got, or lack thereof. I can’t help but worry if that it’s her autism causing loved ones to ‘cheat’ her on equal gifts. The stigma of her diagnosis has been unbalanced to say the least in social graces of our world. Many of our  friends and their aunts bestowed gifts upon them to the hilt. There are some who did not. I know my youngest doesn’t connect with it but one day she will. And then how do I tell her why she is not like her sister.

I am not angry. I am partially feeling guilty on what I am processing. I am new to the ‘special needs’ social standings. I am saddened at the true loved ones who slighted them.  I do not know if I have to bite my tongue and not flare out at the mis- gift givers.

My dear young one comes racing towards me for a bear hug. We squeeze each other tight. And then she is off. I watch her in her own bubble world. I hope she can remain that blissfully aware of how the world sees her, or rather how some see her. I struggle to keep her as innocent as I can while she goes through her therapy. I will always  adore her. She is always my daughter no matter what label.

How would you handle this situation? Have you experienced this before? I would really appreciate insight on this matter. I know it will sadly not be the last.


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