My New Adventure: Loving Langley

Coming from a metropolis city to the Fraser Valley seemed scary at first. Visions of being isolated with no one to talk to on a daily basis left me leery about moving to the Langley area. We were living in a gritty neighborhood and were expecting our first child. My husband suggested we look at the Township of Langley. He could be closer to work and be home quicker to spend time with our new family.
When I was close to my due date, we purchased a townhouse in the center of it all. I became amazed at how many big-box chains were at my doorstep. I could easily hop onto the highway to get to my doctor and the hospital I was registered at. The public transit runs smoothly and continues to grow in the suburbs.
In the midst of the hustle and bustle of city streets there were people who made eye contact to me to say hello. Everywhere I went I felt like I had always been living here. The kindness and compassion around us reassured me that raising a child here was the right thing to do. When we took our first drive to a local farm, I could not believe that we arrived within 15 minutes from our doorstep. All around us we are able to enjoy farm fresh food to eating at a nation-wide restaurant.
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