The Work/Family Balance Myth

When life gets busy my blog sits there like a lost puppy. The struggle I have is how do work-at-home moms do it all. Reading about their kids and clean houses I wonder if they are embellishing just a bit. Unless I have a village of housekeepers, nannies and cooks, I cannot have a clean house and meet deadlines.
This fall is no exception. I was asked last week at the playground how do I have so much time to be at school every day. I smiled and replied that I do not have time not to take my girls to school. I am lucky to have the lifestyle and career that when my kids need me, I can drop everything. I have said no to more work over summer vacations. Time is going too quickly.
Between putting on my mom hat, I began a new adventure with City Mom Now. I love all my various jobs. What I do not like is the mundane housework. I got a conditional pass in Home Economics so cooking is very limited. I am lucky that my husband never receives a Honey-Do list from me. He just dives in when he can.
I used to stress about if I should work at all at home when the housework is behind. We do not have the resources to outsource extra help. We do not have family to fall back on. I am beginning to realize that to balance all of it is a myth. A fairy tale that I spun when I tried to keep up.
The truth is I can’t. My family is number one. My career that I am passionate about has the flexibility that I need. Balance will change every day. Some days I will win at my to-do list and sometimes I will not get past Number two. It is time to write a new fairy tale.


How do you balance your life?

2 thoughts on “The Work/Family Balance Myth

  1. It is a myth, but we do the best and need to appreciate where we are. I like your point that balance changes daily and some days we win, some days not as much.


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