Redeeming Points in Sears with the Whole Family #SearsClubPoints

On a bright Sunday afternoon the four of us entered our local Sears. We had a simple wish list of four items: one item for each of us. As soon as we were inside the store I wondered why the lights were dimmed. I thought maybe there was a power-out. A clerk informed me that the store takes part in saving energy by dimming lights at certain time of the week. I thought that was pretty cool.

We surveyed the store to see where we should start. It is not easy when the four of us shop as our youngest has sensory issues that make noisy stores a challenge. We were determined to make this work. In my hand was a rewards card we would use.

We maneuvered around the over-stocked aisles and went to the shoe department to find our oldest a pair of runners. Once we found a few that she approved, the clerk got her size to try on. The lure being that there were 30% off signs. Then, I saw the original price tag- $54.99! For kids shoes! I do not spend that on myself. I asked if there were more in-expensive shoes. I mean, kids do not spend a long time in shoes. The cheapest was $39.99 in her size 2. I could not justify that. I promised her we would shop around to find something that suits both of us, size and budget.

Off to the kid’s outerwear department to find a winter jacket for our youngest. They had discount signs everywhere. Within minutes we found a purple jacket that was regularly $39.99 now down to $23.99!! That is more like it. Next to that was the Ladies Lingerie department to see if I could get a new bra. Let’s face it: a fresh one can’t hurt. Two minutes later, I found a fab Warners one on sale!


My husband found us at the cashier with new socks. He said they were on sale too. Okay ¾ things taken care of in a short time is pretty awesome! There was not a line-up so I put the items on the counter to be rung up. I began chatting with the cashier about the program. She asked several times in disbelief how much was on the rewards card. She swiped it through to confirm. The lady told me that if I owed more than the card I would have to pay with a Sears MasterCard or Sears Card. I was a little annoyed with that as I did not have either card. I try really hard to limit what credit cards I do have to keep my debts lower. You should be able to use any tender if needed. As I was about to say bye she told me about the Kids Program. If a shirt, for example, wears out before my kid outgrows it, Sears replaces it. I found that to be a big plus. My kids are rough and wear out clothes a lot especially in the knees.

I did like the ease of using the Sears Points Rewards card. There was nothing to sign nor was anything I purchased excluded from redeeming points. I might look at signing up for my own card to earn more points.

More about the program:

When you receive a Sears Financial™ MasterCard® or Sears Card, you’re automatically enrolled in the Sears Club™ Points Program. That means you can get up to 2% back in rewards every time you shop!
Some of the Sears Club Benefits…
– You can earn DOUBLE points at Sears everyday†
– 1,000 points = $10 towards anything at Sears*, including travel
– You can also donate them to Sears in your Community
You can redeem your points instantly when you shop at, in your local Sears store and by phone at 1.800.901.9978. Super easy!
*Excludes Sears Gift Cards and services, including delivery, Insurance and Sears Connect.
† (2) X points calculation is based on the standard earning of 1 base point per $1 spent at Sears. Points are awarded on net purchases, excluding Sears Gift Cards, optional financing programs on the Sears Card, and services (e.g. delivery). Points are also awarded on optional financing programs on the Sears FinancialTM MasterCard, Sears FinancialTM VoyageTM MasterCard and on selected insurance products (see Please see your Sears Club Points Terms and Conditions for more details.

Disclosure- I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.