A Tribute to Mrs. C and My Mom

Jeanne Cooper

While watching the sweet tribute to Jeanne Cooper (Mrs. Chancellor) on The Young and The Restless who died May 8th of this year at the age of 84. There are cast members who are telling personal set stories. The clips from her past and current plot lines tell only a glimpse of how amazing her impact was on them and the fans.

When Peter Bergman told his recall of her jewelry with her hand gestures, I fall into a puddle of tears.  The cocktail rings that she wore bear a strong resemblance to the ring my mom would wear. I still have the ring that reminds me of the era. A cocktail ring that takes over my knuckle in and aura of opals and transforms my hand into my mother’s hand.

She would wear it for dinner parties and just because days. Watching this tribute makes me sad yet connected to my mom all over again. Jeanne Cooper is who I thought my mom would have been like if she lived a long life.  Sassy and tell-it-like-it-is kind-of lady, just like I recall of my mom.

RIP Mrs. C.  Thank you.