Best Mom Medicine #BestLittleLaugh

Music Class

After the shower I felt so good to finally have ten minutes of kid free time. I walked down the stairs and was told by my two-year-old that it is music class time. I have to sit and listen to what they were about to do. My baby is to her left and Ernie is to her right. My husband shows me this picture of how she began the class. I bite my lip from the laughter and pure joy in seeing Big Sister conduct the class. After all the sleep deprived hours and dirty diapers there’s nothing better than your kids bringing you joy and laughter.

It is moments like these that remind me I need to laugh a little more. The diapers go away, the kids grow older and all we will be left with is memories and pictures.

The little laughs turn out to be the best medicine because laughter is better than crying.

What makes you your children go into that hysterical laughter? The kind that you just can’t help but join in on giggles.

Fisher-Price is very excited about the launch of the new Laugh and Learn site! This is a fun place at the webpage which offers webisodes, fun games and activities, a place where you and your kids can meet the laugh and learn characters, enjoy fun apps and learn about what’s new and upcoming from Fisher Price.

We love this site as my girls grow computer-savvy. We can play and learn together while being safe online.

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price blogger campaign with mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as my part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

FP BLL Logo 2013

A Tribute to Mrs. C and My Mom

Jeanne Cooper

While watching the sweet tribute to Jeanne Cooper (Mrs. Chancellor) on The Young and The Restless who died May 8th of this year at the age of 84. There are cast members who are telling personal set stories. The clips from her past and current plot lines tell only a glimpse of how amazing her impact was on them and the fans.

When Peter Bergman told his recall of her jewelry with her hand gestures, I fall into a puddle of tears.  The cocktail rings that she wore bear a strong resemblance to the ring my mom would wear. I still have the ring that reminds me of the era. A cocktail ring that takes over my knuckle in and aura of opals and transforms my hand into my mother’s hand.

She would wear it for dinner parties and just because days. Watching this tribute makes me sad yet connected to my mom all over again. Jeanne Cooper is who I thought my mom would have been like if she lived a long life.  Sassy and tell-it-like-it-is kind-of lady, just like I recall of my mom.

RIP Mrs. C.  Thank you.

One of My Favorite Things About Being a Mom #KCT

#KCT 1

My cheeks are burning with heat inside the chill of the arena. I zoom around the corner, waving to my mom as I pull up into a flip. When I land, I feel a sense of great accomplishment. I did it!  I whirl around to see if my mom saw it. Yes! She’s standing up, clapping wildly.

“Mom! Look at me!” I snap out of my reverie as my six-year-old zooms by on her bike. Her determination to ride well so she can let go of the training wheels is written on her bright face. She speeds past me while balancing in the middle, not using her training wheels.  I know I can relate to needing mom’s approval for accomplishments.

I turn and see my four-year-old squealing down the slide. It’s her first year to do this all by herself without one of us helping her up the playground apparatus. With all her challenges and delays, her confidence grows daily.

The playground has been recently updated because of the fundraising efforts of local parents. The old equipment was old and unsafe. As a parent, I am grateful for the new equipment.  Not every community has the opportunity to upgrade, yet so many parks and community centers are in need of update and/or repair.

The Kraft Celebration Tour recognizes the passion and community spirit that brings people together and promotes healthy, active lifestyles from coast to coast.  Since 2009, the Kraft Celebration Tour has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians in 40 deserving communities with a total of $1 million toward projects such as:

  • Building a skateboard park
  • Upgrading a sports field
  • Improving a boxing facility
  • Renovating a community youth center

Did you have a neighborhood park nearby where you spent time playing with your friends, or a trail on which you loved to walk your dog? Nominate them to win $25,000 to create something new or make something better – oh, and a broadcast with TSN! And nominations are being accepted until June 7th!

To nominate a community, Canadians are asked to submit a short essay and up to five photos explaining why their community deserves to be a part of the Kraft Celebration Tour and how the $25,000 community award will go towards the creation or improvement of a local community space.  The essay should also touch upon how the award would help promote community spirit, a passion for sports, and an active lifestyle.

“Through the Kraft Celebration Tour, we’ve been able to continue our tremendous partnership with Kraft Canada and give back to deserving Canadians across the country,” said Stewart Johnston, President, and TSN.  “For the past four years, the communities that are honoured and the stories that are told by the Kraft Celebration Tour help remind us how fortunate we are to live in such a diverse and beautiful country filled with countless remarkable people.  To be a part of something as special as this program is an honour for all of us at TSN and we can’t wait to head out on the road again.”

On June 30, TSN and RDS will announce the 20 finalists selected by a panel of judges.  Then it’s up to Canada to decide the 10 winning Kraft Celebration Tour stops via 10 weekdays of head-to-head online voting beginning July 8.

Also we’d love for you to check out their Facebook page too

One of my favorite things about being a mom is playing with my kids at the park.  They grow up so fast, sometimes you just have to ditch the dirty dishes. Playtime is so important for the whole family.  Even though my mom died a long time ago, a big part of my childhood memories is hanging out with her in our neighborhood.

Kraft Celebration Tour TSN Eng 4C

Disclosure – I am participating in the Kraft Celebration Tour Blogger Campaign. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Writing feeds a Hunger: Freestyle Poem

Pad of Paper and Pen

To write daily

Is to breathe emotions,

To feed a void, a hunger.

Pen over calories

To write at all

Is the prevent pent-up anger,

Frustrations, mis-placed arguments

Find a health vice

To write is to keep sane

In a world where I feel

Displaced, not the driver

Nowehere to go

My pen helps me write

What I can not say, giving up

My pen has no conditions

And puts me at a priority

Then why do I avoid it?

Excuse of my over-crowded life.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas has always been hard since 1984. Now that I have two beautiful girls I want to enjoy as time goes too fast.
If you are on Twitter and need an ear, I will be checking in. @motherlessmom
In the meantime, I am enjoying the gift of my family.
See you in 2013.


Love Letter to My Daughters

Dear Daughters, the sequel,

It has been 8 months since I penned a letter to you, so much has changed since early January. You both have grown into beautiful young girls with each in your own way.

My darling oldest daughter, in a few mere days you will hold my hand to take you to your kindergarten class. While you had two years’ experience with pre-school this time it feels harder on me. You are beginning your school journey. I have spent almost 5 years to give you any tools I could. Now it is up to you to go forward. I will be here to pick you up every day. I will hear your stories and guide you with homework. With the new mandate for full-day-kindergarten, for the first time we will not have lunch together. This is what is strange to me. For years I prepped all your meals. I will continue to make your lunches for school exciting. I know you will compare what is in everyone else’s lunch, and will trade or keep what you choose.  I remember those days. I am at a loss of not being with you every day. I am proud of you on the beauty you are inside and out.

My dear bonus younger daughter, you will begin your pre-school journey in days. Because of your social/language delays, you will have a support worker with you. You deserve everything your sister got at your age. I hope you don’t hate me for saying bye when you are in the door of your first school experience. It is not because I don’t love you, I do with all my might. It’s because I know I can’t be everything you need to develop and grow. It is time for us to step forward to help you for a few hours a week, we will not be together. I will pick you up with open arms and soak up the precious time we will have one on one before we pick up your sister. I am so proud of who you are and who you can be.

To my miracle and bonus babies, I am always here for when you need me. I know I have to let go of your hands for a bit to go forth into the beautiful world to learn and experience what I did at your tender ages. While you may not cry when I go, I will be when I walk away from your schools. And I will be there with hugs and an eager ear to hear about your school days.

With all the love from the tip of my head to the tip of my toes,




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