Letters To My Dead Mother: 1988

September 22, 1988


After keeping my friend Carrie company by dropping off resumes a couple of days ago, I got a call for an interview. I got a job at a local women’s clothing store. It will be great, I thought. I would be out of the house more plus earn some cash! The women were a little harsh especially the ones who were in grade 12. I went up the bonus structure fast. My grades were adequate to what could be. I am having so much fun. The discounts are great too!

                         See you soon,                                                                                  


October 18th, 1988


Mary came home today and asked us if we all wanted to be in a bridal fashion show!!!! She works as a dressmaker at a bridal salon and they needed some models for an upcoming show. Yeah! He said we could. We get out hair done and make-up done. I asked for some tips cause I never have done anything except the skating shows. So we get to do them next Spring!!

Maybe this is my way out! If someone sees me..who knows!!!



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